Learn About PBMs - Training

PBM - Training from WBC BaltimoreWBC will create customized training for your employees, staff or affiliates, including brokers and consultants. Our "PBM Boot Camp" can be delivered in half-day, full-day or two-day formats. This training is designed for all participants wishing to learn more regarding how PBMs operate and how their business practices impact their clients' pharmacy drug spend.

By the end of training, attendees will be able to understand and identify:

  • The roles and services offered by PBMs to plan sponsors
  • The types of incentives offered by PBMs by pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Advantages and disadvantages of pharmacy contracting at retail and mail service
  • Key contract provisions and language that should be negotiated in every PBM contract
  • The basis for differences in pricing and the financial models behind competing PBM offers
  • Current litigation and regulation that impact PBM operations
  • Specialty drug trends and future strategies
  • The auditing role and what PBM practices are examined



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